ZincMatTM Applications

ZincMatTM can be used as a gradient control mat or as a cathodic protection anode. Click on the graphics below to learn more about how ZincMatTM can solve your safety and corrosion problems.

3 common industry uses
u.s. patent no. 6,866,770

How Safe Is Your Grounding Mat?

ZincMatTM is the superior choice of grounding mat. From raw materials to production of the final product, we ensure the highest standards are met at every turn.

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    Patented Technology

    U.S. Patent No. 6,866,770

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    Versatile Technology

    ZincMatTM can be used in a variety of applications to fit your needs

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    Increased Performance. Increased Savings.

    Unlike other grounding mats, with ZincMatTM decouplers are optional. This allows owners to save on materials without sacrificing performance.

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