ZincMatTM and test stations

ZincMatTM safely mitigates electrical voltage (step potential) at the site of pipeline test stations. Learn how to reduce your risk and keep your employees safe at these hazardous locations.

Metal tubing lined up to connect with each other in dug up earth

Test Stations & ZincMatTM

Pipelines and underground structures are often monitored for corrosion and other conditions by setting test stations at strategic locations. Pipelines in close proximity to electrical transmission lines or distribution systems can generate dangerous voltages under both steady state and fault conditions. 

ZincMatTM is used to provide a low resistance connection from the structure to ground at test stations and valves.  ZincMatTM provides protection against step and touch potentials induced on the structure by providing an equipotential gradient in the vicinity of the test station and through a low resistance connection to ground. ZincMatTM is compatible with corrosion protection strategies, including cathodic protection.

ZincMatTM is positioned underneath testing stations and directly connected to the pipe to effectively ground the equipment and protect workers from dangerous voltage that may exist in the pipelines.  Please contact us for installation recommendations and other technical details.

ZincMatTM Applications

ZincMatTM can be used as a gradient control mat or as a cathodic protection anode. Click on the graphics below to learn more about how ZincMatTM can solve your safety and corrosion problems.

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u.s. patent no. 6,866,770