ZincMatTM and ground storage tanks

ZincMatTM provides sacrificial cathodic protection of tank bottoms for above ground storage tanks.

Multiple above ground storage tanks group together in a port with a city skyline in the background

Protect Your Tank with ZincMatTM

ZincMatTM can be used as galvanic cathodic protection for the bottom of Above Ground Storage Tanks. These structures can be challenging to protect using galvanic anodes, as tank bottoms have large steel surface areas in contact with soil. This leads to variable corrosive conditions and can causes issues with effective current distribution.

Enter ZincMatTM

Because of its unique geometry ZincMatTM can be positioned under the tank bottom and used as a sacrificial anode covering the entire area. This effectively distributes adequate corrosion protection to all areas of the tank bottom, irrespective of variable conditions. The design of ZincMatTM offers maximum surface contact with the soil, to provide the highest level of protection efficiently and effectively.

ZincMatTM Applications

ZincMatTM can be used as a gradient control mat or as a cathodic protection anode. Click on the graphics below to learn more about how ZincMatTM can solve your safety and corrosion problems.

3 common industry uses
u.s. patent no. 6,866,770