How ZincMatTM works

ZincMatTM patented design and geometry increases the effective surface area contact with the electrolyte, reducing resistance and improving performance. Our AC Mitigation solutions can help you maintain the highest safety standards and ensure optimum performance of your pipeline.

Zinc metal in both rough and molded forms

What is ZincMatTM?

ZincMatTM is a patented, cutting-edge gradient control grounding mat, rigorously manufactured using a top-of-the-line anode-grade zinc alloy.  

ZincMatTM is specifically engineered and designed to work in conjunction with cathodically protected, electrically isolated above ground and below ground structures.

When ZincMatTM is electrically coupled/connected to the structure, a galvanic electrochemical cell is formed which protects the steel and prevents corrosion from seriously damaging the structure being protected.

ZincMatTM safely protects personnel/workers from the dangerous physical threat of severe electrical shock, as well as mitigating the hazardous corrosive effects of induced high voltage electrical current. 

High voltage AC current, which can be easily transferred onto the above ground pipelines, valves, test stations,as well as other above ground and underground metallic structures, is effectively dissipated when the ZincMatTM is properly installed and connected.

ZincMatTM Applications

ZincMatTM can be used as either a gradient control mat, or as a linear anode in a cathodic protection system design. ZincMatTM is used to isolate cathodically protected structures from grounding systems or other equipment, while simultaneously providing safety grounding for high voltage AC fault current and lightning strikes. Click on the graphics below to learn more about how ZincMatTM can solve your personnel safety and structure corrosion problems issues.

3 common industry uses
u.s. patent no. 6,866,770